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1. "money laundering" refers to the act of individuals trying to cover up illegal gains and their profits and conceal their sources and properties through various means and to legitimize them in the form. In general, money laundering deals with any financial transaction:
1.1, the use of illegal income funds: suppression of domain.
1.2 activities to promote or conceal crime.


2. the money laundering act is highly regulated by international law, so the international ocean follows the following code of conduct against money laundering to avoid future legal procedures.


3., criminals take the risk of using the company's gold / withdrawals process, the opportunity to the legislative and tax individuals claiming that the funds for their legitimate rights and interests in the foreign exchange market.


4.For example, — — the company allows an entity to another entity in gold trading account, then have the transaction account entity can be extracted the funds into your bank account, and call it their own gains. This will lead to inconsistencies in the flow of funds between the gold entity and the withdrawal entity. Criminals may use this method to transfer funds and conceal the real sources of funds without being found by law enforcement authorities. This example is also applicable to the transfer of transaction value between different transaction accounts of different constitutions.


5., avoid the company's alleged money laundering activities, the company's basic principle is to prohibit the transfer of funds between different entities. To this end, ocean international must implement the KCY (customer identification) program.