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Safety is the first priority


POSEIDON, which trades at $5 billion a day, has grown into one of the world's largest traders, representing the highest standards in the world's forex trading industry. As a legitimate dealer, POSEIDON always abide by the laws and regulations of regulatory authorities, the regulatory authorities to accept checks, there has never been a bad record, the regulators and investors as the most reliable quality dealers.



POSEIDON three, to become the world's first reliable platform to ensure that when you deal on your money safe sleep without any anxiety.



Company registration


PPOSEIDON, a broker registered under the Australian companies act in 2011, is registered in Australia and is regulated by the Australian ASIC:

ASIC is the acronym for Australian Securities and Investment Commission, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, which is the statutory regulator of Australia's financial services and markets. In accordance with the law, the institution independently functions of the financial system, financial institutions and professional employees of the Australian financial system.


Quarantine account


An isolated account refers to a special account opened by a financial institution with a bank to deposit the customer's margin separately. In order to ensure the safety of customer funds, separate account system require financial institutions to clients with its own funds account separately and shall be deposited in a segregated account in reserve, reserve financial institutions of its own funds, and the number of clients is proportional to the amount of.

The separate account system also includes the following:


① All clients' funds must be opened separately and separately.

② Any customer funds deposited through a bank, trust company, Clearing Corp or broker must clearly state that these are closed customer funds.

③ No matter what the situation, except for the customers to buy their own, security, transactions, deposit, transfer of funds and settlement purposes, any Clearing Corp or broker shall use a closed capital account of any customer.

④ In addition to the client himself, no broker, clearing house or depository institution has the right to hold or use the client's funds in the name of another.

⑤ Profitability in customer transactions falls into the customer's own closed account.