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I. About opening a trading account

1.1 Do I need to sign an agreement with poseidon's EA?
1.2 How do I open a foreign exchange account?
1.3 What materials do I need to prepare to open an account?
1.4 Are forex traders foreign now foreign?
1.5 How do I choose a Forex trader?
1.6 What are the benefits of opening an account by clicking on a dealer link provided by POSEIDON?
1.7 Can I watch the real deals of POSEIDON or others?
1.8 Can several people co-invest to open an account?

I. About opening a trading account

1.1 Do I need to sign an agreement with poseidon's EA?

No, you don't need to However, to sign an electronic version of the EA Memorandum of Use, both parties can confirm by mail;

1.2 How do I open a foreign exchange account?

As long as the home, log on to the selected foreign exchange traders' Chinese official website, according to the designated steps to complete the completion of various account opening application forms and after submission to be approved to complete the entire account opening procedure;

1.3 What materials do I need to prepare to open an account?
1, commonly used mailbox: the foreign exchange company sent to your customer confirmation information;

2, has opened the bank card: must be the account holder's own bank card, for future access to the gold;

3, there is a photo page of valid identification (any of the following can be photographed or scanned): ID card, passport, graduation certificate, marriage certificate, etc.

4, there is a valid address proof of the name page (any of the following can be photographed or scanned): driver's license, the opposite, account book (if I am not the head of the household, please take a picture of the home page and my page together), resident certificate, temporary residence permit (within the validity period), the last 3 months valid electricity bill, water bill, express bill (as the recipient), bank or credit card bill, etc.;

5, fill in the real account application form, please all use the tone or English according to the requirements to fill in the application and upload data;

6, submit an account opening application, after the successful submission, pay attention to check the mailbox mail!

7, some more stringent companies also need customers to hold an ID card and read a short video similar to the following and use their own registered mailbox to send the video to the foreign exchange company background or verification officer QQ video authentication:

I XX, ID/passport number XXXX, I hereby declare that I voluntarily registered a trading account in XM for my personal personal use. The management of the account, any transactions, including deposits and withdrawals, will be conducted in accordance with my own trading strategy and risk appetite, without the participation of any third party. I accept the terms and conditions of the commercial and risk disclosure documents, and I acknowledge and accept foreign exchange and CFD transactions that are of greater risk to the capital I invest.

Note: the above documents scanning the best, mobile phone photos can also, must leave a little edge, side can not be defective or covered, documents please upload the computer and save well, will be used many times in the future. If you need our assistance with opening an account, please send us the prepared supporting documents via email.

1.4 How do I choose a Forex trader?

Forex traders are mixed, the market is full of fake "black platforms", choosing a legal and regulated dealer is critical to your trading and capital security! The more recognised regulators are the Australian Securities and Futures Commission (ASIC), the National Futures Association (NFA) and the Financial Services Authority (FSA), which will strictly regulate foreign exchange platforms to protect the financial security of foreign exchange investors.
In order to avoid the traders to select traders worry, POSEIDON company based on their own trading and research experience, selected 9 have standardized supervision and account types of traders around the world for reference (ranked in any order), and provide POSEIDON agent link to facilitate you to log in, please choose carefully! Is not through THE POSEIDON company link account opening does not affect the use of the EA application;

1, the United Kingdom Special Exchange TeraFx: recommended to open a micro, ordinary and standard account;

Agent link:

2, Seychelles TICKmill: POSEIDON agent code IB: 62210434

Agent link:
3, Australian IC Markets: ECN, True ECN and Standard Accounts are recommended

Agent link:

4. Russian Exness: It is recommended to open a cent, mini, standard and ECN account


5. EvreY Alpari, Russia: Standard, NANO, ECN and Pre ECN Accounts recommended

POSEIDON's IB number: 1236989; Agent link: 

6, New Zealand ThinkForex: please open a standard account; POSEIDON's agent ID: 47806

Agent link:  

7. Cyprus XM: Micro and Standard Accounts are recommended; POSEIDON Corporate Agent Account Number: A1006949

Agent Link:

8, Russia Special Transfer TusarFx: Pre ECN, Standard, Light cents and Ad cents accounts are recommended

Agent link:

9. UAE Dahui ADS: Prime account recommended;

1.5 What are the benefits of opening an account through a dealer link provided by POSEIDON?

POSEIDON company has obtained the agent qualification of these platforms, according to foreign exchange industry international practice, all customers who register to open an account through the exclusive link of agents can obtain better transaction costs or rebates, and these savings will automatically be accounted for in your profit; Trading platforms do this because they prefer to pay a little more to train more agents to grow their business. That's why POSEIDON is also willing to comply with international rules: any client who has been introduced pays less for EA, because POSEIDON also wants to support more agents to develop together.

1.6 How many accounts do i need to open per person?

In order to spread the risk of trading and platforming, it is recommended to open ECN or standard, cent or micro accounts in 2-5 traders located in different countries, depending on the amount of money per person. Because POSEIDON will access 5-30 different wind control ratios and types of smart EAs to each account to maximize the trading strike rate.

By the way, no institution or individual in the world currently has such a trading capacity, if not a single thing, because no one has so many efficient EAs!